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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What is Enormous Storage Capacity?

Dear blog readers!
Continuing the storage theme, here's a nice article about enormous storage capacity, see
It contains this nice picture:
Wikipedia has an article on Yottabyte:
One Yottabyte = 1 followed by 24 zeros bytes.
The Internet is estimated to contain over 500 Exabytes = 500 followed by 18 zeros, which is a drop in the ocean compared to the Yottabyte.

I would guess that a decade more with an ever expanding YouTube, the Internet will contain a Yottabyte of information.

With this perspective, it becomes clearer that the price of storage can never be low enough.

Yet another perspective reveals the humbleness of even a Yottabyte. What about a Googlebyte? That's 1 followed by 100 zeros!

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