Proctele apps in the App Store

Proctele apps in the App Store
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Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring has arrived in southern Sweden. At last!

When I'm sure Spring has arrived, it definitely has arrived. How can I be so sure then? The hedges are getting greener, temperatures are quite low, but slowly rising. The calendar says it too, because Walpurgis Night bonfires will be lit tonight.

A new Proctele iPhone app is being born these days. The finishing testing is all it's going to take before submitting to the App Store. The new app is all about laughing and having fun. Kids are going to love it, because so do my own kids. The icon's colors are somewhat Caribbean and it looks fantastic.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Timestables on 3 BIG wheels (v2.0) is ready for sale

The timetables app for iPad is now in the App Store. We hope you'll enjoy this new version.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Timestables on 3 BIG wheels (v2.0) has been uploaded

Today v2.0 of "Timestables on 3 big wheels" was uploaded to the App Store. That means the new version is on schedule. We hope everyone will upgrade a.s.a.p. and that those who haven't bought the app already will have one less excuse not to buy it.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Timestables on 3 Big Wheels Update

Timestables on 3 big wheels is being updated. The new version will add a new way of testing your knowledge of the times tables. For this reason the home screen has been very much redrawn. It will however be recognizable to current users.
A graphics bug has been corrected.
The update is almost ready and is scheduled to be uploaded to App Store on Monday April 16th. It should be available for download 7-10 days later.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SMS-Fast, the app for fast AND SAFE messaging!

Yesterday I sent an SMS to the wrong person. The message was intended for my accountant, but it went to my mother. Here's what happened.
I opened the iPhone's standard message app and wrote my message. I then pressed Send and the message was sent. Unfortunately I was in the conversation mode, where I can see all messages from one particular person (my mother) and the messages I've sent back. Consequently the message automatically went to my mother, without any question.
This is not a mistake I'm supposed to be making, but it actually happened.
Today I realized this would never have happened if I had used Proctele's SMS-Fast app. There you always have to select the receiver, because SMS-Fast doesn't use conversation mode.
So to be on the safe side I'll completely stop using the standard app, before embarrassing things happen.