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Monday, May 16, 2011

The iPod touch is a teacher in sleek disguise

You may have read the previous blog about harddisks. I bought one 1,500 GB, as black as Batman's cape. I told my 8-year old son it was military grade and he believed me of course.

I've been considering the computer, in particular the iPod touch and iPad, as a supplementary math teacher for children. What are the advantages of a computer as teacher?

  • You can do more exercises. A math-book has a limited number of exercises. When it's finished, you need another book.
  • One needs not be ashamed of making mistakes. A good computer program only says the answer is wrong, nothing else happens.
  • A computer program is rather like a game. It's fun.
  • A computer program gives immediate and encouraging feedback.
  • A computer program easily adjusts the level of difficulty to fit the child
One can sum up by saying that the computer is much more flexible. It offers endless variations, it's more fun, it all depends on the programs used.

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