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Proctele apps in the App Store
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Monday, November 28, 2011

NumberWiz for Programmers: ded hex

Hi all you Hexadecimal Wizards,
It's time for another sum:
How do you add, subtract, multiply and divide 2, 8, 9, e, 80, 100 to get ded hex?
If you like sums like this one, you're NumberWizFP material. Buy it for just $1.99 in the App Store and play with pride.

Monday, November 21, 2011

iOS 5.0.1 radically improves iPhone 4 battery time

Hi tech-friends,

Those of us lucky enough to own an iPhone know by now that the latest iOS5, called iOS5.0.1, improves battery time. The improvement is such that it really makes a difference to how I use the iPhone. Before the update felt I had to limit my iPhone use and instead make more use of my iPod touch. With the new update, that feeling is gone. I can easily use it for two days without charging.
For the iPad I haven't noticed any difference. BTW, I never need to turn it off, because the stand-by power consumption is so low. In general the iPad has very good battery time. With iCloud removing the need to sync with a PC, and seeing iPad's overall performance, I'm sure the netbook will soon turn out to have been a minor parenthesis in PC history. It made sense for until now, because there was room for a computer without the latest in performance. Not anymore. You may not need anything fancier than a netbook, but now the iPad is here, you want that instead. Good battery time, sleek, elegant, light, you can hold it like a magazine, you can read without a night-lamp. It's what most of us need in a computer.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MacBook Air copies ... sometime next year

Dear technology friends,
I read in the paper this morning that computers called Ultrabooks are to come to market next year. These presumably attractive pieces are extremely portable being thin, light, low-power, having 11-13 inch screen, powerful CPU and graphics. They are to cost $1000. Sounds great doesn't it.
But, wait a second! Aren't they already on the market? Have you heard of Apple's MacBook Air series? The article writer must have missed this fact, because there isn't a single mention of MacBook Air in the article. See BTW: it costs $999.
Gartner, the collector of IT history, is reported to have said that 64 million pad-computers will have been sold when this year ends, and that 75% of those are Apple's iPad.
Apple must be thinking: Welcome to the future, PC-makers!

Friday, November 4, 2011

SMS-Fast is Great!

SMS-Fast is the app for sending your SMSes lightning-fast. Everyone should buy it, but that's not happening, yet.
SMS-Fast helps you quickly get off a text message or e-mail with a few keystrokes.
The app is convenient in situations where you're not supposed to be sending an SMS, but you need to do so anyway. The app helps you send it discretely.
It's fast because you already prepared your most common messages and the people who you have most contact with through SMS.

When it comes to texting, do the following:
-Select one or more messages.
-Select one or more recipients.
-Press the SMS button.
-Press the Send button on the iPhone's message template.


You can prepare 20 messages and five contacts. 

-You can send a message very quickly.
-You send clearer messages by fewer spelling errors, because you do not have to write just before posting.
-You can send both SMS and email. You can decide at the last minute whether to send the message through SMS, email or even both. You lose no time if you change your mind because you don't need to switch to another app.
-You can use so-called wildcards. For example, store the message "I will arrive at # or at #." When you press the SMS button, the app will ask you to complete the message. You can then replace the #-signs with 17 and 17:30 and the message will read "I will arrive at 17 or at 17:30."
-Your message is put into your iPhone's message center, as if you had sent it with the built-in message app.
-Easy to use. Easy to prepare messages and recipients.
-It's flexible. You can add more recipients before you press Send in the iPhone's message template.
-Pleasant graphics.
-Satisfactory sounds.

Example use of wildcards: You have turned off the ringtone and taken your seat in a meeting, when a call arrives from someone you know. The call may be important, so you send: "Hello, I'm sitting in a meeting that ends at 11. Is it OK to call you then?". To quickly send this message, you may have saved these three messages:
I'm sitting in a meeting that ends at #. (Make use of the # symbol as described above)
Is it OK to call you then?

Buy it! It's fantastic and I use it every day. In fact for all my SMSes!