Proctele apps in the App Store

Proctele apps in the App Store
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Elephant Super Memory Challenge, v2.0

The app "Elephant Super Memory challenge: Recall This!" is being updated. The new version will be called 2.0.
It has one more challenge: to remember the position of X-es in a grid. There is no keyboard involved, because there's just one character involved.
It works as follows:
-You press the Start Game button.
-The app puts randomly distributed X-es into the grid.
-The app hides the X-es after a while.
-You simply touch the grid to show where you think the X-es were.
-You press the "Done"-button.
-The app shows you what you did right or wrong.

The new version will be in the App Store within about 10 days. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The New App is in the App Store

This is a short post to tell that the new app for restaurant owners is now in the App Store. The localized names are:

  • English: Our Restaurant Menu
  • Swedish: Vår restaurang meny

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our New App

It's time for a new app from Proctele. It will be in the App Store in a few days.
This one is mainly for restaurant businesses and it's only for iPad. It allows you to show off your menu in the most flattering of ways, with picture and text on an iPad, the most attractive piece of hardware known to man.
It's not only for businesses though, but for anyone who wants to present their menu in the best possible way.
We also imagine it could be used by someone who needs to present a portfolio of some kind.
All data in the app can be exported through email.
There will also be an accompanying free app that lets users who receive the exported data view it on their iPhone or iPod touch. So exporting the data from the new iPad app will enable restaurant owners to send out their whole menu to customers.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Web and Facebook

First came the Internet, then came the World Wide Web (WWW). Then ... I'll come back to that.
To most of us Internet means the WWW. We tell our browser to go to a site where we want to do something, say, read news or pay the bills.
Let's look a few years into the future ...
... But maybe that's not so convenient anymore, because there are alternatives that are more convenient. Why should I need to remember addresses or store bookmarks. Ok, so I don't really need bookmarks thanks to Google's fantastic search, but I still have to type in a few characters just to get to do something. Why go through the trouble when I can simply go to one site to do anything I need: Facebook. Most of my friends are within easy reach by chat, voice, mail, messages and the usual status updates on the walls. All my pictures, party memories, addresses, notes, blogs, news, games and banking services are there. I can do hotel and ticket reservations, make phone calls of unlimited length free of charge, broadcast or just record my whole life from my flat or my car, have a book read to me. All these things are so easy to do that anyone, really anyone can do them, because the user interface is so logical and clear. You're never afraid of destroying anything. Almost anything can be undone.
Back to the present. That's quite a site, the Facebook site, and currently there's not much missing compared to what I described above.
Having built this fantastic do-everything site, Facebook can't risk something like a new browser war jeopardizing it. That's why we might see another browser, a Facebook-mostly browser. This browser handles Facebook really well and other sites half-heartedly.
It is quite interesting to look at the WWW and compare it to Facebook. In WWW each site owner has lots of freedom in choosing site-provider, site-layout, tools and most importantly: content. Do (or will) Facebook pages and groups give as much freedom? No they don't, but they might.
It's the networking effect that drives people towards Facebook. It's how well Facebook serves them that keeps them there. The world keeps changing though and at some time users might stay with Facebook, because of other considerations. It may be time to spread our social networking over more social networks.