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Friday, July 31, 2015

HabitXplore Got New Clothes!

HabitXplore has been given new graphics, with new brighter colors. Here's a screen-shot of the new version:

HabitXplore is of use for different things. I know because I've tried it. I'm tracking some pattens I have. How much coffee do I drink? Well, since March 19 I've had 264 cups, the breakfast cups uncounted. In the last 7 days I've had 15 (not counting breakfast). I have a short daily workout routine due to a bad knee. I can see I've done that every day since I started. Sometimes I've forgotten to mow the lawn. Not since using HabitXplore of course.

Keeping track of habits is a good thing, but I don't overdo it. I'm going to stop tracking the coffee, because I know now I'm not overdoing it. 

You might also want to use the app for exploring weather patterns. Record if it rained today or if there was any sun, or if there were thunderstorms.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How Big is a PC?

A PC's size isn't just determined by the processor or the memory on it, but by the connectors on it. The Intel Compute Stick has a number of connectors on it, like the HDMI providing the TV connection and power and a USB, which you might use for connecting extra storage to it. But it's still small. Here is the Compute Stick connected to a TV:
The picture shows that it's quite small and also that it contains Windows 8.1. Isn't that amazing? The CPU is a quad-core Intel Atom. The Windows version of the device has 2GB RAM and 32 GB persistent storage. There's a Linux (Ubuntu) version and it has 1 GB RAM and 8GB persistent storage. 

What this means is that you can turn your large screen TV into a Windows PC by connecting a 170$ stick to it and of course a wireless keyboard and mouse. The Compute Stick comes with USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, a micro-SD slot and an on/off button. That'll give you a PC with a huge screen. I don't think it's good enough for serious gaming, but sufficiently powerful for most other things, including Youtube watching. Through the WiFi and a browser you'll have access to your Google Docs of course, so what more do you need.

Most PC monitors now have HDMI too, so even if you're not a TV-fan you might still have a suitable screen for the Intel Compute Stick.