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Proctele apps in the App Store
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Monday, September 21, 2015

Proctele's Workout App: ExerLog

Proctele's new app costs $0.99 and has no ads. Proctele apps aren't free, but AD-FREE. 
ExerLog is for happy sporty people. Are you one of them? Then read further.

We all know it: these days all you need is your iPhone!
Leave your paper and pen at home: here are your workout sheets, as many as you like.

Here's the icon:

To keep track of your workouts, it's necessary to take notes of what exercises you performed, the repetition count and the weights used. You need a workout sheet.

With this app you create blueprints for workout sheets that you use on your iPhone. When you start working out, you select one of the blueprints. A workout sheet is created on your iPhone, which you use to take notes during the workout.

This app keeps track of your exercises and helps you determine if you're making progress. It does the same as a workout sheet and a bit more, because it's digital. A blueprint/workout-sheet can contain for example:
-your name
-workout duration
-your body weight
-your starting mood
-workout location

and most importantly:
-exercises and the weights and repetitions you use when you perform them.

Here are screen shots from an iPhone6:


Update: Price has been doubled to $1.99, two-thirds the price of a latte.

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