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Proctele apps in the App Store
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

iPhone vs Android

Hi all you nice smartphone enthusiasts!

Two of the most popular smartphone categories currently are iPhone and Android. Deep within, everybody wants an iPhone. It is one of those products that we'll remember with some love when, in the year 2040, we think of the old times. But there are Android phones with similar qualities. They are thin and sleek, handsome devices, that you want to handle, or perhaps even fondle. What are the pros and cons from a buyer's viewpoint?

iPhone pros Android pros
Good looks Good looks
High status High status, but depends on the model
Good build quality
Thin Thin
App Store with some app quality control
Apps will work on all iPhones
Next generation will be even better Next generation will be even better

Cheaper models are available

iPhone cons Android cons
Expensive, with no cheaper iPhone Build quality can differ
Limited availability at times
Too large size for pockets Some devices are too large for pockets
Theft-prone Some devices are theft-prone

For me as a buyer, the Single App Store, managed by Apple is particularly attractive. Android apps can be bought from many sources, and that opens the door to criminals. If this problem can be solved, Android will gain much trust. Trust is alpha and omega!
Compatibility problems need to be fixed in Android, which means all Android apps will run on all Android devices. That can also be solved, but someone must take the driver's seat to solve that. It's uncertain if Google will do that.
Summary: Iphone is playing "catch me if you can" with Android.

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