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Proctele apps in the App Store
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Computers, computers and ... Apple Watch

Computers keep moving closer to our bodies. Think of the computer centers that used to house enormous computers run by specialists. Beginning in late 70's came the home computer like the Commodore/Vic-20. Those were the first computers in our homes. We kept them close to the TV, which served as their screen. Then came the PC/Mac desktop-PC. It had its own really fat screen, so we put it on a table in something like our home office. Then came the laptop-PC. We put it in the kitchen or just any room. Battery time was awful, so when using it we usually put it on some table close to a power outlet. 

In the meantime mobile computers in the form of mobile phones came to everyone's pocket. Many of us understood that it was actually a computer and started wondering why the screen was so small. In 2007 came the iPhone, but even before that the Blackberry, and a real computer came into our hand. We couldn't let it go. We would sometimes put it into our pocket, but within just a few minutes it would be back in our hand again. Very often social apps would be the agent, which made the computer bounce back from our pocket. We couldn't let go of it!

Next year computers will come even closer to us. Apple Watch is coming onto our wrists. A computer watch - a smart watch. Being first isn't always best, but being best is what it's all about. When Apple Watch arrives it's going to be the best smart watch in the world. We know Apple by now. They've done their homework. 

A computer on our wrist is a step closer to us than a computer in our hand is. We're going to be looking at our wrist for about as long, but even more often than we now look at the iPhone in the palm our hand. We're going to talk even less on the phone.

What they will have on offer is something we're already expecting, but can't quite formulate. Apple knows not only how to formulate our wishes, but how to turn them into products. When I'd seen the first 10 or 15 functions Apple Watch will have, I turned to my wife and told her Apple is about to revolutionize computing again.

One key thing about Apple Watch is zooming by touch. The screen is small, the icons are small, so you need to enlarge the touch area. That's one reason the iPhone had to precede the Apple Watch. The touch screen had to become really good and, not least, well known to all users, before using it in a smart watch. Everyone who has ever used an iPhone will know how to use the Apple Watch. 

I'm really looking forward to my first Apple Watch. It's going to change a lot in my world.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus ?

I took the pleasure of visiting the nearest Apple Store this afternoon to check out the new iPhones. Before the visit I had of course looked at the pictures and read the data, but hadn't quite made my mind up about which one I would buy. I was leaning towards the Plus.

At the store I quickly came to realize that the Plus is rather big. It doesn't fit in the breast-pocket on any of my shirts, and that's the litmus test for me. I couldn't use the Plus as a phone because of its size, but I might buy it for another reason, which is app-development. iPhone 6 Plus is a mix between an iPad and an iPhone when it comes to screen layout of some key apps. One of those is the Mail-app, another is the Settings-app. On the Plus - held in landscape mode - those apps look like compact versions of their iPad counterparts, which means the table part is on the left and the content part is on the right. In fact for this kind of app the Plus behaves like an iPhone in portrait mode, but like an iPad in landscape mode. Clever!

The colors are the same as the iPhone 5s, except the color, say gold, covers nearly all of the back-side of the device. To me that looks better than on the iPhone 5s. See the pictures below.

Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are really thin devices. I came to think of the iPod touch when holding them. The iPod touch is still thinner at 6.1 millimeters, iPhone 6 is 6.9 millimeters. Both the new iPhones feel very light, 172 grams and 129 grams. BTW while I'm mentioning iPod touch, I note that it's come down in price, putting it far below iPad mini. I should be put in charge of Apple's pricing, because I blogged earlier about pricing the iPod touch so close to the iPad mini (non-retina version). Now Apple has corrected that.

I didn't buy a phone today after all, but having held both options in my hand, I'm going to be able to make a more informed choice. I'll wait a couple of days.
iPhone 5s
iPhone 6