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Monday, May 9, 2011

Do I need a Smartphone?

Hi dear readers! In an earlier post on April 6, I gave my definition of smartphones and similar devices. Here's what I wrote then.

Smartphone definition: Small Smart Handheld Device + SMS, MMS, mobile data channel.
Smart Handheld Device:
  • Access to the Internet via WiFi
  • Touch-Screen: about 3 inches - about 10 inches
  • On-screen keyboard or keyboard with buttons
  • Microphone, speaker and headphone outlet
  • Camera for picture and video
  • Tilt- and motion-detector (ie, accelerometer)
  • Standard apps: e.g. app-store, web browser, email, contacts, calendar
  • Downloadable apps
  • Music player
  • Video Player
  • (Extra: Compass, GPS)
In Apple product terms this means: 
iPod touch = Small Smart Handheld Device
iPhone = Smartphone

This means if you need to have Internet access anytime and everywhere, you'll need a smartphone. If you're content with having Internet access in specific places (hotels, McDonald's, Starbucks), no SMS/MMS and no phone calls, a small smart handheld device will be sufficient. If not, you'll need a smartphone.
My personal answer to the question is that my iPod touch + a rather simple phone is enough. It is also a question of economics. An iPhone can cost more than three times the combination of an iPod touch + simple phone, and that's a lot.

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