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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Elephant Super Memory Challenge: Recall This!

Have you tried our app "Elephant Super Memory Challenge: Recall This!" ?

The idea behind Elephant Super Memory Challenge is simple: present some objects to remember, then hide them and ask the player to tell what the objects were.

Some things are easier to remember than others. Things we handle every day are easier than those we see for the first time. For a Western European it's easier to remember an alphabetic string than to remember a string of Chinese characters and vice versa. For a German it's easier to remember a string of German words than it is for a Frenchman. People who are good with numbers may find it easier to remember them than those who don't like numbers at all.

Another important factor is the range of values to remember. It's easier to remember long strings of 0's and 1's than it is to remember long strings of colors.

The Elephant Super Memory Challenge game gives you the means to try out some of the above. You can try memorizing alphabetic, numerical, alphanumerical strings or binary strings. You can try memorizing strings of colors or you can try memorizing smileys. The range of objects varies widely. There are 26 alphabetic, 10 numerical, 2 binary, 14 colors and 4 smileys.

It's nice to play it in landscape mode on the iPad too. Great game!

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