Proctele apps in the App Store

Proctele apps in the App Store
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Microsoft Surface available on October 26

This beautiful Microsoft device, which I hope will be as nice to use at its looks indicate, will be available to buy on October 26. 

At least that's what Microsoft says in its SEC-filing:

Here's an earlier blog entry I wrote about the Surface:

New iPhone probably on September 12

It seems like it's going to happen on 12 September, the unveiling of the next iPhone. 
The first buyers will get their hands on it on 21 September. This is according to A smaller type of iPad will also be unveiled. There might even be a new iPod touch too, but an iPod nano seems certain.
The new iPhone screen is likely to be 4 inches diagonally and have a 16:9 aspect ratio unlike the current 3:2 ratio. The whole device will be thinner and have a new smaller connector. The new software for it - iOS6 - has already been released, so at the moment we know more about its brain than its body. 
Here's a post about iOS6 I wrote earlier:

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hey Facebook, here are some ways to make money

Facebook is not doing well economically, but they have an awful lot of users; probably a billion users soon. They can't survive indefinitely without making money. Here are some ideas for them.

  1. Facebook will not be able to get enough money from selling ads, the way they do it now. For research I clicked on four ads just to see what would happen. Two of them were probably from crooked companies, because they led me via strange links to gambling sites. 
  2. They could sell a different type of ad. Clicking on it would only lead you to the company's FB page and that page would of course give you the intended message. Any links from that page would be forbidden. This arrangement would increase user's confidence in Facebook ads and more of them would be sold. It would also keep users within Facebook. 
  3. Facebook should try to get a user fee from its users. It would be a small sum for private users and a lot more for companies. It would still be possible to get FB for free, but there would be a price tag on some things. One thing people value is privacy, so a lot of privacy would cost. Big corporations would pay perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars. 
  4. Facebook could create a FB app store. They might take 30% of earnings. 
  5. They could generate a summary of user posts (over some user-selected time-period) and friend's posts and sell it as a nice hardcopy to the user; a sort of photo-book with lots of pictures and text. I'd suggest they buy some existing photo service provider. 
  6. They could encourage schools to use Facebook for teacher-parent communication. Schools would have to pay for this service. Of course security would have to be much improved, because here it's essential. 

If you see some of this happening, remember you read it here first ;-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Google things you might not know

Here's a few things Google provides that you may not know about.

The search box can do more than just search. It knows some units you've never heard of.
Example: "1 smoot in meters" gives 1.7018 meters
It can calculate. "pi * sin(pi/12)" gives 0.813104011
It can translate: "the word house in spanish" gives: house - casa
Pacman game:
Donkey Kong game:
Tetris game:

Try entering google into the search-box and you'll find a lot of fascinating google sites, like: google video google reader google apps for business google webmaster tools google alerts google calendar google webfonts google web-browser google wallet google trends

If you're more keen on using the web through your mobile phone, then it's good to know that many of these Google services have their own API. That means programmers can create nice apps, which use the same data that the google sites use. Examples of this are feed-reader apps for the iPhone. Many of those use your Google Reader account and present it to you in a much better way than the browser does.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Amazon smartphone coming?

There are rumors of an Amazon smartphone, so it seems Amazon think they have something new to offer in smartphones. What might that be?
Are they going to offer even cheaper or better Android phones? Probably not. A new mobile OS and an Amazon app store with apps for Amazon devices only, hooked up to their other business? Maybe. I think there's room for several mobile ecosystems. It has to be done well enough though. What's needed is great devices, an ocean of apps and good marketing. But has Amazon made enough mistakes to be able to succeed? Probably not. If I were Amazon, I would go for the tablets, because they're in the book business.

I'll finish by noting that iTunes is now available in Asia! Japan, Australia and New Zealand used to be the only Asian countries with iTunes. The new countries/territories are Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Macau, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam. However, China is still not included.