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Proctele apps in the App Store
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Monday, February 11, 2013

TCompanion, the new app

There's a new Proctele app in the App Store!

TCompanion - Point The Way

With TCompanion you mark a place on a map where you want to go. TCompanion will point you which direction to take. Using GPS it knows where you are and it knows your destination, because you told it. TCompanion will point you to the destination whichever way you turn your device.

TCompanion uses metric or imperial units to show the distance to the destination. 

Using maps is a hassle, even if it's on iPhone, the perfect mobile device. The difficulty is that you have to match points on the map with your immmediate surroundings. That often involves turning the device and looking at street names and comparing them to street signs around you, if you can find them. You might also have to zoom the map. It's difficult.

TCompanion solves this problem for you, by simply pointing with a big arrow what direction you have to move in and how far you are from the destination.

Wherever you are on the planet, whatever way you turn your device, TCompanion will always point the direction.

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