Proctele apps in the App Store

Proctele apps in the App Store
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Proctele app reaches #2

The Reverse Talk app reached 2nd place in the Entertainment category in the App Store in Germany this week. At the same time it also became popular in Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg.

Reverse Talk lets you record and then play it backwards or forwards. Playing something backwards usually results in something quite amusing. Some say it reveals hidden messages in lyrics. Babies sometimes speak backwards, although most parents seem unaware of it. 

Reverse Talk has the following names in the localized App Stores:
SV: Backsnack
NL: Achteruit praten
DE: Rückwärts reden
FR: Inverser parler

Great fun for a fraction of the price of a cup of coffee: $0.99.

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