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Friday, February 1, 2013

MiniDisc is Dead

The last MiniDisc player/recorder will be shipped in March this year. MiniDisc, or MD, was launched in 1992 in Japan.

I remember being impressed by the small size and Sony's beautiful compact design. I never bought one though since it was far too dear for my budget. You could even record music with it, which was more than could be said about the CD. I remember considering this inability to record as a serious shortcoming of the CD; analog tape was my reference back then.
Competing formats in those days were the CD, DAT and the DCC. The portable CD players were considered small at the time and I guess most people's choice. The DAT went professional only. DCC (the Digital Compact Cassette developed by Philips) had the advantage that you could play the old analog cassettes on DCC players, a very valid thought in many instances, but of less importance in that particular case. The MiniDisc was the most attractive device, but too expensive.
I must confess that I thought the MiniDisc was no longer being made. Who would buy it? Those who own a large enough collection of pre-recorded mini-disks, but who else? There are some excellent alternatives as we all know. CD, recordable CD, dirt-cheap or more expensive MP3-players, Apple's iPod Shuffle, Nano, Touch and Classic, most mobile phones, any PC, any Mac. In short: a crowded market.
I wonder why Sony took so long time to kill the MD. I'm sure they wouldn't give a product this long nowadays, because indecision costs.

The chance to buy a new MiniDisc is running out. Do-it!

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