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Monday, June 20, 2011

Good pastime: camping on the lawn

Last night I camped on my own lawn in a small tent. It was great and the rain was pouring down most of the night I think. I knew it was going to be wet, so I told my son it's now or we may have to wait for a few days. 
What's so great about the lawn then? Well, my OWN house within easy reach, which includes kitchen, bathroom, Wi-Fi access and all those things you need. If you forget something it's a matter of standing up and getting it. 
I discovered the little village isn't as quiet as it sounds from inside the house. Sounds of traffic were clearly detectable although not disturbing, but the pounding rain both kept me awake and woke me up several times.
The reason we chose a rainy night may not be obvious. The reason is that being woken up by the very early morning sun is far too sweaty.
I fell asleep by one of my favorite Internet Radio stations on my iPod touch. 
Life really is Great!

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