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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How Big is a PC?

A PC's size isn't just determined by the processor or the memory on it, but by the connectors on it. The Intel Compute Stick has a number of connectors on it, like the HDMI providing the TV connection and power and a USB, which you might use for connecting extra storage to it. But it's still small. Here is the Compute Stick connected to a TV:
The picture shows that it's quite small and also that it contains Windows 8.1. Isn't that amazing? The CPU is a quad-core Intel Atom. The Windows version of the device has 2GB RAM and 32 GB persistent storage. There's a Linux (Ubuntu) version and it has 1 GB RAM and 8GB persistent storage. 

What this means is that you can turn your large screen TV into a Windows PC by connecting a 170$ stick to it and of course a wireless keyboard and mouse. The Compute Stick comes with USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, a micro-SD slot and an on/off button. That'll give you a PC with a huge screen. I don't think it's good enough for serious gaming, but sufficiently powerful for most other things, including Youtube watching. Through the WiFi and a browser you'll have access to your Google Docs of course, so what more do you need.

Most PC monitors now have HDMI too, so even if you're not a TV-fan you might still have a suitable screen for the Intel Compute Stick.


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