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Monday, June 8, 2015

Xplore Thy Habits

HabitXplore is a new app by Proctele and it's for recording habits, or just to record events in general.

To find out more about your habits you need to register them. However the procedure of recording a habit has to be simple and fast. HabitXplore lets you do that.

Do the following to record a habit-event:
-Start the app
-Select a habit from the habit-list (table)
-Press the OK button

With HabitXplore you can find out more about your habits. 

Examples of habits are: Drinking a cup of coffee, Phoning your parents, Training, Mowing the lawn, Buy food, Refuel the car.

To find out more about your habits, you must register them. You can do that quickly with HabitXplore. The app can also show your habit in a time chart, which gives you a good overview. Of course everything you record is stored safely in your iPhone for as long as you want.

You can also use HabitXplore to remember when you last performed some task.

HabitXplore is one of those apps you need fast access to. You're likely to put in the Dock at the bottom, along with the mail and browser apps.

With HabitXplore you can:
-Register any number of habits so you can study them
-Quickly record that you performed a habit
-Immediately see when you last performed the habit and how often you've done it in total
-View a chart of how often a habit was carried out over a period of time
-Remove a record you registered by mistake

Suppose you have added a few habits in the table. Then do the following to record that you did a habit:
-Start the app
-Select a habit from the habit-list (table)
-Press the OK button

Ready! That's how fast it is.

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