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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I'm a pad-slinger

There may be times when you feel a bit like James Bond. At such times you should consider wearing some Bondy gadgets from your drawer, or perhaps buy a new one. Here's a new candidate gadget: 
Fig. 1: Techslinger

It's called Techslinger and it will keep your pad and phone and some other nice gadgets safe, hidden behind your smart Bond suit. Depending on size, it'll cost you US$40-70. 

Hadoro are a luxury brand that specialize in gold plating for custom iPhones, iPods and iPads. For people with costly tastes they have the golden iPhone 5S. 

Fig 2: 18K Gold iPhone5S

Yes, it's real 18K gold, about 125 grams = 4.409 oz. However, to enjoy this piece of luxury you'll have to fork out 55,000 € = 74,000 US$. But you're worth it! 
It's available in plain yellow gold, but also in red gold in the Collette Store in Paris. Buy it quickly, because they'll only make 50 pieces! 200 hours were spent polishing it to make it that extra bit attractive.

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