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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Vision of iPhone

I found a beautiful picture a few days ago here. It's a "photoshopped" iPhone without any buttons (but to be overly stringent, I notice the Home-button still seems to be there). You can see the side buttons are virtual (on-screen) buttons.

Fig1: Buttonless iPhone

This creation isn't possible with today's screen and touch technology. The screen seems folded, but folding isn't possible now for a reasonable price. The virtual buttons aren't possible either. The problem is that the phone has to be able to distinguish between an intended touch and an un-intended. Ok it can to a certain extent already, but it has to do it much better for this wonderful thing to work.

As I've said earlier, when it comes to smartphones, we ain't seen nothing yet. This is a field of constant innovation and occasional technological breakthroughs. So why aren't batteries improving? They are, but we don't get more time between charging, because the electronics get more powerful and constantly tax away the improvements in battery capacity. To get out of this loop we need a substantial step in technology. Don't worry, it'll come.

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