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Monday, November 4, 2013

My Mavericks has arrived!

My MacBook now has Apple's new OS called OSX Mavericks. 5.29 Gigabytes all for free and it took about 3 hours to download. I upgraded from OSX Lion, which means I skipped the Mountain Lion upgrade.

Upgrading is nerve-wracking, particularly if you come from the world of Windows. (Got a touch of deja-vu there. Guess I must've said just that before.) In that world you could always count on the PC becoming slower after updating. In fact that also happened when I upgraded the MacBook to OSX Lion, but I fixed that by doubling the RAM memory to 4GB. OSX Mavericks doesn't slow down at all, much to my relief. 

The new OSX has some nice new features of course. Perhaps my favorite is tabs in the Finder application. I used to end up with a number of Finder views. From now on I can do with just one, because you can copy between tabs. Great! Another Finder feature is colored tags. I'll probably use that sparely. I'm comfortable with just using directories, but I might use tags for a few things.

iBooks on the PC, and not just on iPhone and iPad and iPod touch, is a good idea. Being able to download straight to the PC makes sense. My PC is still my computing hub. Ok slightly old-fashioned to favor a MacBook over iPad, but PCs still are more versatile than iPads, and they don't run away as easily, connected as they are to USB disks, speakers and the rest.

Apple also says Mavericks makes applications go easier on the battery and the same with Safari. That's great news and I'm sure I'll benefit from that sometimes. 

For the next OSX I would like to see an improvement in the performance of the Dashboard, where I have a calculator, a clock and a dictionary. It seems to enter a sleep mode after PC startup, and even after a long time of non-use. It takes a few seconds before I can use the calculator and that's a bit annoying. But maybe I've just missed a trick. If so I can correct it myself sometime.

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