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Friday, November 22, 2013

Curved Smartphone Screen

How could a curved smartphone screen be an improvement on a flat one? What struck me first was that ambient light would reflect less on a curved screen. Display experts confirm my suspicion, but say there seem to be more advantages. According to a curved screen substantially improves screen readability, image contrast, color accuracy, and overall picture quality, but can also increase the running time on battery, because you can do with less battery-draining screen brightness. Here's a picture of Samsung Galaxy Round:
A curved screen improves privacy, since it's less readable from the wrong angle. One disadvantage I can think of is that you'll no longer be able to use it as a mirror, because it will change your looks.

Perhaps a screen with variable curvature would be better. For that you would need a slightly flexible screen. That would keep the advantages of the flat screen and add the curved screen ones.

I think smartphone technology is going to develop very much in the coming years. Speakers have come down in size lately and I expect that small size will be used inside smartphones soon. My iPhone and iPad already have reasonably good sound quality without anything attached, like earphones or external speakers. In a few years that's going to be a lot better.

I read recently that the average smartphone user picks up his smartphone about 150 times a day. That amounts to about ten times/hour. Don't know if it's really been researched properly, but it seems credible. Whatever truth in that, I'm in no doubt that the smartphone is the most popular invention in the last 20 years, or even longer. Its great popularity indicates it's going to develop strongly in the coming years.


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