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Friday, June 8, 2012

What will iPhone5 bring?

Apple's WWDC (developer conference) starts on June 11th. This is when product releases often occur. It may be time for another iPhone and this time it's likely to be called iPhone5.

This is my second blog on the subject. My previous try, which was ahead of iPhone 4S, went as  follows:

"It will be lighter. The screen will cover much more of the device's front. The screen will be at least the size of the iPhone4's and the whole device will be smaller. It will also be lighter and thinner. Its profile shape will be similar to MacBook Air.
The real revolution will be in sound. The new device will use the screen as its membrane, which will take its audio capability way beyond the competition. Headphones will no longer be needed, except for audiophiles.
It's going to cost less than iPhone 4. Of that I'm in no doubt at all!
The name will not be iPhone 5. I think Apple has way more imagination than that. My guess is they will at least stop using numerals from now and that the new device will be called iPhone Air or iPhone Aladdin or iPhone Sky."

The iPhone 4S was a minor facelift for the appearance, but much more happened on the hardware and software sides. This time it's the appearance.
I expect it to be thinner and the reason is Samsung's Galaxy SII, and the new SIII. Those attractive devices must have sent a message to Apple: It's time for some exercise, because you're too fat.
Same thing about the weight. It must come down. I think it will retain its boxy shape and shiny body, because it still looks good and expensive.
The screen will be over 4 inches and will perform very well in sunlight.
There will be two speakers and the sound will be much improved and wide; earphones will not be needed. There will be new stands for iPhones to make the listening position optimal.
Contrary to my previous name prediction, I think Apple will stay with the numbers. That's because of marketing: it's easier to remember numbers than names.
The price will be somewhat lower than the 4S.

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