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Thursday, June 28, 2012

iOS user interface enhancement: tips for Apple

I like the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch! They handle very well and they really put information at your fingertips, like Bill Gates used to say. Still, here are some UI enhancement ideas for these devices.

Suggestion: Automatically make the most used applications more accessible.
Comment: This can be dangerous if implemented in a wrong way. Currently the bottom row is intended to make some apps more accessible than others. The bottom row could be extended to two rows and the extra row would be housing the most recently used app-icons.

Suggestion: Empower the user to set the icon density on the screens.
Comment: Looking at the iPads icon-screens I think there's a lot of empty space there. That's good, because otherwise it might look cluttered. Some users might want to put more icons there and that would mean less room for each icon.

Suggestion: Some icons on the table behind the bottom row icons.
Comment: There's a surface on which the bottom icons stand. This gives a nice 3D effect, but doesn't enhance the usability. The idea is to add extra icons at the back of the table that would seem to be at a greater distance from the user. They would be slightly grey or blue and a bit smaller than those at the front of the table.

I just might blog once more about this issue.

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