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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MacBook Air copies ... sometime next year

Dear technology friends,
I read in the paper this morning that computers called Ultrabooks are to come to market next year. These presumably attractive pieces are extremely portable being thin, light, low-power, having 11-13 inch screen, powerful CPU and graphics. They are to cost $1000. Sounds great doesn't it.
But, wait a second! Aren't they already on the market? Have you heard of Apple's MacBook Air series? The article writer must have missed this fact, because there isn't a single mention of MacBook Air in the article. See BTW: it costs $999.
Gartner, the collector of IT history, is reported to have said that 64 million pad-computers will have been sold when this year ends, and that 75% of those are Apple's iPad.
Apple must be thinking: Welcome to the future, PC-makers!

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