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Monday, November 21, 2011

iOS 5.0.1 radically improves iPhone 4 battery time

Hi tech-friends,

Those of us lucky enough to own an iPhone know by now that the latest iOS5, called iOS5.0.1, improves battery time. The improvement is such that it really makes a difference to how I use the iPhone. Before the update felt I had to limit my iPhone use and instead make more use of my iPod touch. With the new update, that feeling is gone. I can easily use it for two days without charging.
For the iPad I haven't noticed any difference. BTW, I never need to turn it off, because the stand-by power consumption is so low. In general the iPad has very good battery time. With iCloud removing the need to sync with a PC, and seeing iPad's overall performance, I'm sure the netbook will soon turn out to have been a minor parenthesis in PC history. It made sense for until now, because there was room for a computer without the latest in performance. Not anymore. You may not need anything fancier than a netbook, but now the iPad is here, you want that instead. Good battery time, sleek, elegant, light, you can hold it like a magazine, you can read without a night-lamp. It's what most of us need in a computer.

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