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Proctele apps in the App Store
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Timestables on 3 wheels for iPad

Hi all lucky iPad owners! Timestables on 3 wheels for iPad is now in the App Store. 
This version is called "Timestables on 3 big wheels" and I'm sure you can guess why. But it's not just the wheels that are bigger, so is everything else, like the strawberry, the bomb, the tomato, etc.
This version is very much like the iPhone/iPod version, but there's more graphics still. Landscape mode is of course supported too and in fact you can hold your iPad any way you like.
The names in the localized App Stores are as follows:

  • Swedish: Multiplikationstabellen på 3 stora hjul
  • Dutch: Vermenigvuldiging op 3 wielen – Big Size
  • French: Table de multiplication sur 3 roues grandes
  • German: Einmaleins 12 mal 12 – Big Size

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