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Proctele apps in the App Store
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Monday, October 17, 2011

iOS5 upgrade problem/panic

Hi App Enthusiasts!
Today I upgraded my iPhone to iOS5. It all went well until I wanted to try out some of the apps I've bought. They all refused to start, except those from Apple itself and one by Proctele. I thought if this is what happens to upgraders, then Apple has screwed up big time.
It turned out they haven't.
I did the following search on the problem: "ios5 none of my apps work" and found this:
There is indeed an upgrade problem. Every upgrader is going to run into it. And it must be fixed as follows: Make a download from the App Store after the upgrade. This means you must either update some app that you already bought or buy one new app. 
So just go to the updating section in the App Store and see if there's an app waiting to be updated. The other option is to buy an app, free or paid.
I got really worried, but I'm glad the fix was that easy.
Apple really needs to address the issue. They must go and tell the world about the fix!

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