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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Elephant Super Memory Challenge updated again

The Elephant Super Memory Challenge app has been updated again. This time it's a change to the Colors screen, and improved graphics. The new version number is 1.3 and it should be available for download already.
It is now possible to have a smaller collection of colors to remember, which makes memorization easier. You can now select to have only 8 colors instead of always having 14. The selection is done with a switch, which is just barely visible on the first picture in the lower right corner.

This picture shows the Colors screen with the new smaller keyboard.

This picture shows the Colors screen with the original bigger keyboard.

The app name varies as follows in the localized App Stores:
English: Elephant Super Memory Challenge: Recall This!
French: Challenge Elephant Super Memory: Rappel Ce!
German: Elefanten Gedächtnis Herausforderung
Swedish: Elefantminne: Memorera detta!
Dutch: Olifant geheugen: Dit memoriseren! 

We intend to keep updating this app. We plan to introduce a 4th screen, probably rather soon.

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