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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Convenience of Wireless

Why is wireless so much more convenient than wired? We don't give it much thought anymore. Here's a short tale to highlight how great WiFi is.
Suppose your friend has a laptop PC and he connects to the Internet with a cable. Suppose further that you too have a laptop PC and you connect it to the Internet with WiFi.
You sit next to each other in two chairs. You change your body position easily while your friend has to keep track of the network cable to ensure it's not in the way and ensure that the connector doesn't get bent and perhaps broken. You can easily turn your chair or move it around the room, but for your friend it's not as easy. He might have to switch to a longer cord. You can easily bring your computer to another room while downloading a Web page. For your friend to be able to follow, he may have to switch to a longer cord or switch network outlet. The network cord comes into focus as soon as the computer is moved.
If weather permits, it's fun to sit outside. You have, as usual, no problem, but your friend does. What part of the garden, not all the way over there, right? Well, where's best to sit. But do we have a 15-meter network cord? Yes, we have, but we have to place it nicely so no one trips over it. Then we hope the dog doesn't bite it.
Another colleague comes to visit for a work meeting. He has a PC, but without wireless networking. Ok then, that meeting will have to be in the office, close to the network outlet. Maybe soon we'll all have upgraded our PCs to wireless.
In my home we all connect with WiFi, except the TV and the old PC. And that's Great!

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