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Friday, December 17, 2010

World leader reactions to NumberWiz release

There have been several reactions to the NumberWiz app release from world leaders. Here are a few of them:

The US president was among the first to react: "NumberWiz is an exceptional gift to mankind, comparable to the works of Newton, Archimedes or Shakespeare. It will have a decisive influence on our national debt. To my fellow Americans, I promise: I will from now on start each meeting with my advisers with a game of NumberWiz, to check that they are at the very top of their mental abilities. God bless America and the NumberWiz app, for which I switched to iPhone."

The German chancellor commented: "Daily use of NumberWiz will become compulsory for every individual in the German government, from the cleaners of government buildings to the ministers of the Bundesländern and the Federal government. This is the only sure way for us to win future World Cups and come to terms with the unemployment in our country."

The Russian president said: "The modernization of Russia demands that the NumberWiz game be given to each and every Russian student. The strategic skills of our Icehockey team and our military leaders will improve massively and our oil production will go straight through the roof. God bless this application!"

The Swedish minister of Finance commented: "The rate of GNP growth in our country will be closely correlated with the sales figures of the NumberWiz application."

The French president's reaction was tempered: "France will be the European country to prosper most from this application. I will use all my influence to make sure the NumberWiz application will gain widest possible acceptance and ownership rate in France. Our nation depends on it. The NumberWiz writer will be awarded the Ordre national de la Légion d'honneur."

The Swiss minister for finances said: "The NumberWiz application is likely to shift the world's center of financial regulation from Basel to Ekeby in Sweden."

The British PM said: "If we'd had this NumberWiz application earlier, Gordon and Tony wouldn't have had the time to get us into this mess. We must draw the right conclusions and be more alert when the next app from Proctele is released."

The Chinese president commented: "Our export will certainly not suffer from the exponential increase in NumberWiz users. On the contrary, he said, smiling!"

The outgoing Brazilian president Lula said: "I'm going to spend the rest of my life playing NumberWiz on my iPad. I just love this game!"

The above text is entirely fictional.

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