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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My research team: the report

I've paid a research team to study the implications of playing NumberWiz, both short term and long term. Here's what they came up with.
They looked into the dangers of spending too much time playing Numberwiz and found that the risk of getting too little exercise is likely to be minor. Only 2% of their sample people have gained more than a kilo after they started playing. Of those 2% no less than 35% actually lost 0.8 kilo two weeks after they started playing. 28% lost as much as 1.5 kilo. The researchers speculate that this may be due to increased energy use in the brain. 98% of the sample showed neither weight increase nor weight loss.
My researchers also found some evidence for their hypothesis that playing NumberWiz may protect you from acquiring Alzheimer's disease. However this must be seen as almost pure speculation, since the subjects haven't been studied for long enough.
The team found ample evidence that playing NumberWiz enhances the IQ score. 71% of the sample increased their IQ by no less than 6 points on average! 12% increased their score by a whopping 23 points on average. The median increase was 8 points.
And that's the end of the report.
Let's not take the above too seriously though. Instead simply enjoy the NumberWiz magic for what it is: Entertainment.
The above report is pure fiction.

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