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Saturday, August 8, 2015

I'm one in a million!

Well actually I'm one in 14 million, no less! I'm talking about all those who installed Win10 in the first 24 hours after release, of whom I'm but one.

Can I recommend Win10? Yes, I can. It works perfectly on my recently made PC, with hardware parameters AMD Quad-Core A8-5550M, 2.1 GHz, 8GB, 1 TB. Performance is a common worry when installing a new Windows version: "is my PC strong enough for the new Windows?". My PC's performance feels like before the install. Booting takes about the same time as for Win8, i.e. 18 seconds instead of 15. I noted that it took a number of boot-ups before reaching 18 seconds. One of the first boot-ups took over a minute, and subsequent ones went ever faster.

I think the Win10 user interface is a good mix of Win8 and Win7. The Win8 start screen has been demoted to the start menu, which appears when you press the Windows start button. It adds some life and finesse to the start menu - quite nice. Thank you Microsoft!

Although I liked Win8.1, it took the touch experience too far - it felt overdone. I imagine that was the main reason why so many users rejected it.

I'll admit I'm not a heavy user of Windows. I don't use a lot of Windows apps. One (free) clock app I used on Win8 didn't work as well on Win10, so I removed it. Hence I suspect many Windows apps will have to be updated in order to work properly on Win10.

So I say, Do it! Well, at least if you have a recently made PC.

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