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Saturday, September 14, 2013

iPhone 5S and 5C - C stands for color

On September 10 Apple presented two new iPhones - the 5C and 5S.

The iPhone 5C promo video, as always featuring the Brit Jony Ive senior VP Design is as poetic as ever, featuring smooth phrases like "simpler, more essential" and also "beautifully, unapologetically plastic". Great!
Screen size of 4 inches and resolution same as iPhone5. Several market specific models with different frequency bands for the cellular standards LTE and UMTS, etc. Siri is there too. Of course 5C will have iOS7, which means all icons have been redesigned. 5C looks very good. You should see the Jony Ive video if you haven't already:
The colorful silicon covers you can buy for the 5C will be popular. They're perforated to be semi-see-through.

iPhone 5C comes in 5 colors

The 5S looks very similar to iPhone5. It comes in three colors: gold, silver, space gray. With a thickness of 0.30 inch (7.6 mm) it's thinner than the 5C , and with some more features. One of those is Touch ID — a fingerprint identity sensor in the home-button. An A7 chip with 64-bit architecture. The added M7 motion coprocessor will make it possible to use the sensors like GPS and proximity sensor, without draining the battery excessively. Slo-mo video will be a popular feature I'm sure.

Pre-orders are being taken. iPhone 5C release date is September 18, iPhone 5S on September 20. There will be a narrow price difference between 5C and 5S.

When I first heard of a plastic case iPhone I thought it was going to cost less. Not because I dislike plastic (I don't), but because plastic usually means cheaper. I was wrong. The 5C isn't much less of a device than 5S, but it looks quite different. Apple is trying to appeal to more tastes. Having just one latest model is risky, when there are so many phones consumers can choose from. Hence Apple will now have a latest model also for those favoring more lightness to the design. In automotive terms one might say that although Mercedes SL has a great design, some would rather have something more playful.

iPhone 5C will most likely make iPhone 5S sell less, but it's not going to make a dent in Apple's earnings. On the contrary, and that's good.

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