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Monday, January 14, 2013

Flat is fine, curved is better!

The old fat TVs used to have a convex curvature. Future TVs will probably be concave, like the largest cinema screens are already. What we see here are some curved screens shown at the CES:

OLED screens like these can be extremely thin and bendable. Bent screens apparently cause a 3D effect, which is said to be dramatic.

The potential of bendable screens is likely to stretch well beyond home cinemas. Samsung showed a bendable screen for use in mobile phones. They use the term flexible (see the Youtube video in the references below), because the user can actually bend the screen himself. It looks quite neat.

Then there's the new use of vending machines. Here's one that'll lend you a MacBook:

I thought it was a joke, but this machine is apparently at the Drexel University in Philadelphia. The machine lends out MacBooks free of charge—with proper ID—for five-hour periods. What's its Raison d'etre? It's not for saving students the money for a MacBook, instead it lets students who are studying at the university's library late into the night, leave their own hardware at home, so they're not a target for thieves on the streets of west Philadelphia. A common problem with Apple products, like the iPhone.

You must have heard of the Java security hole. It hasn't been fixed yet if I'm correctly informed. To be on the safe side you might want to disable your browser's Java plug-in. You'll probably not have to enable it again, because only a small percentage of sites use it.

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