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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A defense for Apple's maps, and more

The maps in iOS6 have had some serious bashing recently. A lack of accuracy has been demonstrated in several cases. But Apple's maps are better in one respect at least: they consume less data, about 7 times less. 
The reason is that Apple's maps use vector graphics, while Google maps use raster graphics. That means when you zoom, the maps resize dynamically and iPhone doesn't download any more data! Google Maps downloads new maps when a user zooms in or out, and that's a whole lot of data. Read it all here:

Google keeps improving its products. Gmail now searches text in attached files. 
This is very handy. You used to have to detach any attachments if you wanted them easily accessible and searchable. Detaching takes time: you have to select the attachment and select a sensible location to save it to. I think this is a major improvement! For the time being it only works for recent documents.

Google has been closing down many of its services this year; as many as 60 services. It seems they're focusing on quality rather than quantity. And that makes me wonder if they will be axing the 20% time slot that Google employees get to spend on pet projects. Improving existent products doesn't seem like a typical pet project to me.

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