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Thursday, September 13, 2012

iPhone5 - my predictions reviewed

I have been playing the game of predicting what iPhone5 will be like, since before the iPhone4S was released. The iPhone5 was announced yesterday and it looks very attractive. It's mainly a hardware update, but there are some new functions too, like fully automatic panoramic photo shooting.

In this blog I intend to go through my predictions point by point, and color-code them as follows: Good prediction Partly good, partly bad prediction Bad prediction

My predictions on Sept 5th 2011 ahead of iPhone 4S:
It will be lighter. 
The screen will cover much more of the device's front. 
The screen will be at least the size of the iPhone4's.
The whole device will be smaller. 
It will be thinner. 
Its profile shape will be similar to MacBook Air.
The new device will use the screen as its membrane.
It's going to cost less than iPhone 4. 
The name will not be iPhone 5.

My predictions on June 8th 2012:
It will retain its boxy shape and shiny body, because it still looks good and expensive.
The screen will be over 4 inches
Screen will perform very well in sunlight.
There will be two speakers and the sound will be much improved and wide.
There will be new stands for iPhones to make the listening position optimal.
Contrary to my previous name prediction, I think Apple will stay with the numbers.
The price will be somewhat lower than the 4S.

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