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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Google things you might not know

Here's a few things Google provides that you may not know about.

The search box can do more than just search. It knows some units you've never heard of.
Example: "1 smoot in meters" gives 1.7018 meters
It can calculate. "pi * sin(pi/12)" gives 0.813104011
It can translate: "the word house in spanish" gives: house - casa
Pacman game:
Donkey Kong game:
Tetris game:

Try entering google into the search-box and you'll find a lot of fascinating google sites, like: google video google reader google apps for business google webmaster tools google alerts google calendar google webfonts google web-browser google wallet google trends

If you're more keen on using the web through your mobile phone, then it's good to know that many of these Google services have their own API. That means programmers can create nice apps, which use the same data that the google sites use. Examples of this are feed-reader apps for the iPhone. Many of those use your Google Reader account and present it to you in a much better way than the browser does.

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