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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Where's Google+ ?

It amazes me that I hear and read so little about Google+. Is anyone using it? If so, what do they use it for?
Perhaps I'm being negative. I would actually want Facebook to get some good competition and that's one reason I'm wondering when Google+ is going to climb up the exponential curve. Here is what I wrote about Google+ a couple of months ago, and I still think the same. Google isn't a social company. They understand algorithms and search and that doesn't cut it.
I'm sure there are opportunities in social, in spite of Facebook's strength. One of those is that people will soon start turning away from Facebook. You don't want to be in a club where everyone is a member. That is a very strong driver for change. 
Facebook will soon start to feel the cold. Someone is going to start up a cooler social network. It probably already exists, but hasn't hit the exponential curve yet. Its name is not likely to be Google+.

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