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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More home networks, please!

I want more use of networks in my home. Of course I already have Wi-Fi, which enables me to use my iPad and iPod touch and turns every spot in the home into a potential working place. However I want more.
I want sensors in my flower pots to wirelessly tell me when the plants need water. I want to be able to wirelessly set all those clocks and other equipment with clocks in them, and in one go. Why? Daylight saving time requires me to set all my clocks at least twice a year. I want all my thermometers to report their readings wirelessly. I want smoke and alarm sensors to report wirelessly and my PC to send that information on to me wherever I happen to be. I want to get rid of all wires. The wires to my PC speakers and the stereo speakers. Of course I already have wireless keyboard and mouse for the PC, but the USB wire to my backup harddisk is primitive. The wire for the extra screen shouldn't be there. The wiremess behind the TV's be gone! The phone charger's cable be gone! Headphone cables goodbye. All those chargers: AA-battery, walkie-talkie, GPS, toothbrush, battery-driven screwdriver.
Anything that provides information, even if it's only one single occasional bit of information, should be able to send that information wirelessly to some receiver that can inform a user.
Anything that can be controlled should be able to receive commands from a user wirelessly.
I'm sure this is going to happen, but probably not in my lifetime.

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