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Monday, February 7, 2011

New app in the making

A new app is about to emerge from Proctele AB. It's educational and it's about numbers, as you might guess if you know our previous apps. I will not go into details now.

The first app from Proctele was NumberWiz. It's our brilliant interpretation of the Numbers-round in Countdown, the TV-program that has been a success in the UK since 1982(!). We intend to come with a variation of this app within a few weeks.

Our second app was Elephant Super Memory Challenge: Remember This! It's great for testing your short-term memory, or improving it. We are considering an update to this app soon.

We only make apps that are close to our hearts. Math has been a lifetime interest and memory training is a hobby of mine. Many years ago I used to try to remember number-plates of cars or the order of the tracks on my LP records, decimals of square roots and so on. Nowadays I use my memory for storing passwords. I have a lot of them, so to be safe I have stored them in a file too.
I hope you'll enjoy our coming app.

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